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About Mr Campbell

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Hello. I am Mr. Campbell, and I am the Associate Director of Technology at Dwight-Englewood School. My professional interests include helping students and teachers to use collaborative tools for learning.  My role in this project is help with the technology tools used by  all the students working on this project, Ms. Tananone, and Ms. Griswold.


My favorite thing about Dwight-Englewood School

I like that fact that both students AND adults at D-E value learning and practice it on a regular basis.  Just because you are out of school doesn't mean you have to stop learning new things!


Something I like

While I don't get the opportunity to do it often, I like target archery.  I shoot instinctive with no sight and use a recurve bow.  I enjoy it because it is something very different from what I usually spend most of my time doing.  I also find it a combination of being relaxing and pushing me to improve myself.





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