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About Ms Tananone

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My name is Ms. Tananone.  I am the linchpin social studies teacher here at Dwight Englewood School.  A linchpin teacher means that I teach both seventh and eighth graders.  My favorite things about Dwight Englewood School are the camaraderie between the faculty and staff and the enthusiasm of our students.  Some of my favorite hobbies include cooking and eating delicious food.  I enjoy cooking and eating because of the social aspect of sharing a meal with people I care about.  I also just love figuring out how different flavors combine to make new ones.


I am looking forward to this project because it is the first time that I have created a wiki project for my students, and I am doing this project with my fabulous English teacher, Ms. Griswold and Mr. Campbell, our superb technology Guru.

Comments (1)

Christine Tananone said

at 4:48 am on May 7, 2009

Dear Ms. Tananone,
I am impressed by your students' wiki and think the assignment is great - having them look at colonization from multiple points of view. Also, I can see that the students have done their own writing - synthesizing the information. The right hand side of the wiki is hard to read - lots of overlap. Otherwsie, great job! You are certainly more techie than I am! Also, I enjoyed learning that your favorite hobby now is cooking and eating!

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