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Congo Home Page

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The Congo

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And Belgium



Question : After Belgium granted Congo their freedom, rebels revolted and started the Congolese Civil War. Inner warfare lasted from 1960-1968. Why may the rebels have reacted this way?





From Congo's perspective


From the Belgian perspective




Kells, Maud. "Congo." 8 April 2009. <http://www.consolatocongo.it/risorse/images/congo.jpg>

Comments (12)

Grace R said

at 7:20 pm on Apr 13, 2009

I like how you put the map on your home page. It gives people who visit your web page a better idea of where Congo is.

Sam said

at 12:12 pm on Apr 14, 2009

thank you! It also has a direct correlation to the illustration on the homepage of "onafrica".

Robbie said

at 12:39 pm on Apr 14, 2009

Very cool picture.

Alexa said

at 11:58 am on Apr 16, 2009

Ohemgee! I love this video!!! Even though its sad, its still good!! Great Job Congo Groups!!!

Chen Michael said

at 11:59 am on Apr 16, 2009

EVeryone go to the belgian congo

Grace R said

at 12:02 pm on Apr 16, 2009

This is a really good video!

Qin Z. said

at 7:56 pm on May 4, 2009

Best slide show and musical selection!

mun0003 said

at 10:03 pm on May 11, 2009

The slideshow was great but the top flag doesnt have a name

lachlan said

at 10:05 pm on May 11, 2009

it is good but thier needs to be a name on the flags but the slide show is very good

Matt said

at 12:57 am on May 15, 2009

because the rebels wanted freedom but they did not get it so they got very angry

mun0003 said

at 1:01 am on May 15, 2009

To answer the question maybe Congo didnt want belgium to over grant them.

Elizabeth Carson said

at 2:55 pm on Jul 1, 2009

Interesting slide show and music. Where did you get the pictures? Is this in your bibliography?

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