Timeline of Zimbabwe's important events

1888-British colonized Rhodesia

1895-BSAC (British South Africa Company) gave Zambesia the name Rhodesia

1896-1897-Shona and Ndebele people lead unsuccessful revolts against the United Kingdom

1899-British extended into northern Rhodesia

1911-Rhodesia was a wealthy part of the British empire

1923-Southern Rhodesia became a self-governing British colony and officially part of the United Kingdom

1926- map of colonized Africa



1939-1945-Citizens of Northern Rhodesia fought for the British army in WWII. Northern Rhodesia was an important place for the United Kingdom during WWII because of its vast copper resources. The need for copper caused the price of it to go up. This saved Zimbabwe's economy because it was failing.

1953-Britian combined Rhodesia with Nyasaland(now Malawi)

1978-Teurai Ropa Nhongo born in the Chawanda Village fought for independence against the British. She was a member of the ZANLA (Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army) and in 1977 joined the Zimbabwe African National Union. She became the most famous guerilla in the ZANLA.

1961-A constitution was made that favored whites

1965-the government declared it's independence, but United Kingdom didn't give it up but gave Africans voting rights

1979-1980-finally got independence by the free elections

April 18, 1980- independence day from United Kingdom





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